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Online coaching

Top Set Athletics is proud to provide a complete end-to-end online coaching experience to clients. These clients can vary from someone who may be seeking an alternative to in-person training sessions, someone who is already somewhat familiar with training methodologies and nutritional practices, and/or an individual in need of additional guidance and coaching in order to optimize their performance and reach their goals. 

If you feel like any of these apply to you and you would like a change of pace and desire an external source of motivation, accountability, and education then online coaching is perfect for you. 

Prior to the start of online coaching we offer a free consultation where you can meet your potential coach, ask any questions you may have, and determine the best course possible moving forward to ensure you achieve your goals. Our #1 priority is to make sure that you are comfortable with your coaching selection and feel that you two can work collaboratively as a team to achieve said goals. 

Consultation Touchpoint's will discuss: 

  • Your goals and how realistic they are - possibly adjust goals to make sure they are realistic for the allotted amount of time

  • Current activity level 

  • Workload/schedule outside of training to determine best training approach 

  • Previous/current injuries or physical impediments 

  • Any medical history that must be disclosed to your coach in order to better promote a safe training environment 

  • Current relationship with food and your nutritional habits 

  • And constructing the plan moving forward

Pricing Overview: 

  • Online coaching will be $200 per 8-week cycle. Clients must be able to commit to an 8-week cycle when first signing up for online coaching

  • 8-weeks is the minimum amount of time offered for online coaching

  • Prices are determined by the level of service the coach seeks to provide the client 

What You Get Out of Online Coaching: 

  • 8-weeks of complete end-to-end 1:1 online coaching 

  • A personalized training program to meet your specific goals modified to ensure  safety and progression are equally prioritized

  • 24/7 direct access to your coach

  • Weekly video conference calls to discuss progress, potential challenges and impediments, upcoming program changes, and to make any adjustments necessary to improve client training experience 

  • Nutritional guidance in the form of a caloric and macronutrient calculations, a grocery list, and a guide of do's and don'ts based on your specific set of goals and dietary restrictions 

    • Note: Currently taking NASM Certified Nutrition Coach course and will be sitting for the exam soon. 

  • Access to shared documents that both the coach and client can update at the same time to ensure constant and effective communication is maintained 

  • Educational resources so that you can also grow in your knowledge base of fitness and nutrition

Here at Top Set Athletics we seek to improve our clients holistically. Our methods of training will be aimed to help you get closer to your goals but also do so safely in order to avoid injury while also building strength, power, mobility, and improving overall performance.

Our Training Focuses Are: 

  • Safety 

  • Performance Improvement

  • Mobility

  • Nutriton 

  • Hydration 

  • Sleep 

  • Mental Health

  • Soft Tissue Treatment

  • Supplements

Top Set Athletics Online Coaching seeks to not only help individuals reach their desired goals but also assist them in improving their own relationships with physical activity and food, and drive them toward an overall healthier lifestyle. If you are ready to take the next step and are interested in online coaching please email us at to schedule a consultation today! 


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